The Pen Tool
Introduction to Making 'Paths'

Clive R. Haynes FRPS


'Anchor Points'
The 'dots' that appear at the places where you 'click' are known as 'Anchor Points'.

Move the cursor to point 'C' but this time click and drag. As you 'drag' you'll notice that two extra lines appear, these are 'handles' and are used to control the curvature of the 'Path'. See below.

Tip: When you click and drag to reveal the 'handles', click on the end dot of one of the 'handles' and move it to point more or less in the direction of your next position. This simple detail helps in 'aiming' the 'path' in the correct direction.

Place the cursor at position 'D' and click and drag once again., then make a simple a 'clicks' at points 'E' and 'F'.
See below:


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